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Coffee Processing at Konacopia Farm

Konacopia Farm is a small owner operated coffee farm on the leeward side of the Big Island of Hawaii in Kealakekua Bay where the early morning sun and the afternoon showers provide the perfect climate for growing coffee. 

Konacopia Farm coffee trees are pure Arabica stock and are over 35 years old. Our coffee trees are watered when needed and fertilized three or four times a year with natural fertilizer. No chemical pesticides or herbicides are used on Konacopia Farm. 


Kona "Snow"  At the peak of bloom, Kona coffee branches look as though they hold strings of  freshly fallen "snow".  Kona coffee is a member of the gardenia family and these beautiful white blossoms permeate the air with their heavenly sweet smell. When we have a rainy winter, we often have Kona coffee "snow" at the same time as some of the coffee cherry is ripening into a blush.



Coffee blush at harvest time When the coffee reaches a robust fullness and a bright red blush, it is selectively picked, often taking several pickings before all of the coffee has been harvested. 



Konacopia Farm Coffee Mill The freshly picked coffee is taken to our coffee mill and pulped which removes the outside cherry skin. The coffee mill redwood tank holds the coffee during the 24-hour fermentation process.

Sun Dried Konacopia Farm Coffee The coffee is sent from the coffee mill by chute onto a drying rack which is a large platform on the rooftop.  Here it is sun dried to perfection until the moisture content level is correct. 

Hulling Process Now the coffee is ready to be hulled. Once the parchment surrounding the green coffee bean has been removed, it is ready for roasting. Our customers have the benefit of a mix of all top quality beans, including peaberry, to insure the best flavor possible. 

Coffee Roasting  When coffee orders are received, our coffee beans are roasted in a 25-pound coffee roasting machine. Each roast is watched carefully so that the coffee beans are roasted perfectly, to a beautiful golden roast or to a full bodied dark roast, depending upon our customer's preference. 

Dark Roast (French) has a full bodied flavor and less caffeine than other roasts. Our dark roast is lighter than an espresso roast. This is our customers' favorite roast.

Medium Roast coffee (Vienna) has a smoother more subtle flavor and a higher caffeine content. 

Konacopia Farm's delicious and fresh roasted coffee is vacuum bagged and sealed to hold in its freshness. When you place your order, it is shipped Priority Mail to you!


 "Clean Hands Make Clean Food"  The Konacopia Farm commitment to the environment that nourishes us and to future generations is to care for the earth by applying only clean, natural products that will neither pollute the land nor the water resource below.